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Central Record Room

The Central Record Room is one of the five units  which are being operated under Law Enforcement Division. Law Enforcement Division is responsible to perform the functions coming under article 14 (e),(i),(j),(l),(g) as per  the power vested with article 24,26,33,34,35,36,37,40 of the National Child Protection Authority Act. The Central record room was established to perform below tasks which are responsible by Law Enforcement Division.

Issuing a complain number,  documenting  complains, forwarding complains to relevant divisions  , updating  database with complain details  that NCPA receive through 1929 Child Helpline,1929 Sri Lanka Child Protection App, Letters, Fax, E-mails, Surveillances, Newspapers and Media are being handled by this unit. Therefore, any complainant or a person who has no exact detail to receive piece of information on a particular complain should directly contact Central Record Room. Through that details such as place conducting investigations and complain number can be provided  legally.


Our Team

Ms. Sajeewani Abeykoon (AAL)

Director (Law Enforcement)
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Ms.Chandima Dunuwila (AAL)

Assistant Director - Law Enforcement
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Ms. Sajeewani Abeykoon

Head of Law Enforcement Division

Director (Law Enforcement)

LL.B, LL.M (University of Colombo)

Email: law.enforce@childprotection.gov.lk 


Contact: 011-2778911-12-14  (Extension - 269)