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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It depends on the nature of the incident.

No, it is under the power of court.

Yes, but you should do a written request to the chairman.

When authority decides that disclosing details will affect to the investigation process or investigation process, authority will not provide copies.

No, Authority has a dedicated child helpline to receive complains. Call 1929 Child Helpline or forward your complain via an email, a letter  or Sri Lanka Child Protection App

We have limited number of agents and may be busy with another call, therefore, kindly wait till you are connected or retry.

Even though every complain about children is important, Authority gives priority according to the seriousness of the incident / complain. So that when there is no immediate threat to the child, it will take little time to attend those complains.

It will vary according to the nature of the abuse that child has faced and the assistance expect.

If the complainant does not receive justice through any other law enforcement institute or considering the level of ability to intervene, Chairman of the authority can grant the permission to conduct an investigation.

No, kindly contact the department of probation and child care services.

No, authority does not offer any funds.

Yes, you can download 1929 Sri Lanka Child Protection App from Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Then send the complain to 1929 team  they will forward to the relevant officer depending on the nature of the abuse.