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Internal Audit

Internal Audit unit is established to participate in the system of internal control of the financial operations of the authority and to carry out a continuous survey and independent appraisal of financial and other operational systems and procedures.

The objective is to ensure the soundness and adequacy of the internal checks adopted in the prevention and detection of error and frauds in order to guide the overall Governance of the Authority to serve in accordance to the power vested by the Act no. 50 of 1998 NCPA, to provide necessary guidance and support to the Higher Management, where necessary.

  1. Contributing to enhance the effectiveness of functions of NCPA, through continuous assessments.
  2. Conducting Audit and Management Committee meetings and support to strengthening performance as directed by Audit and Management Committee.
  3. Preparing Annual Internal Audit Plan, conducting monthly audits and submit reports to management to take decisions.
  4. Ascertaining whether the system of internal check and control are adequate for the prevention of errors and frauds.
  5. Ascertaining whether the Establishments Code, Financial Regulations of Government and other supplementary instructions, Government Circulars issued time to time by the Ministry of Public Administration and the Treasury are being followed.
  6. Carrying out special investigations when necessary for the continuous improvements, efficient and error free operations.
  7. Appraisal of the progress of Annual Action Plans, Programs and special projects and the extent to which programs and schedules are on target, analyze gaps and highlight to the management in order to take actions to rectify.
  8. Co-ordinate Government Audit and Chief Internal Auditor of line ministry for Audit Inspections, providing answers to audit quarries on time and facilitate internal audit related forums with required information and maintain a sound relationships on behalf of NCPA management.


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Mrs. Ruwani Adassuriya

Internal Auditor

B.Sc (Special) in Finance (USJP), Master of Financial Economics (UoC), Chartered Accountancy (Final 1), CBA (Member of Certified Business Accountants), ICASL



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