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Planning and Monitoring Unit

The Planning & Monitoring unit has formed to preparation of annual action plans based on the allocations received by the Authority and monitoring of progress on the development programs carried out by the National Child Protection Authority . This unit facilitates the coordination required to manage the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services provided by the Authority through the District Child Protection Officers (DCPOs), District Psychosocial Officers (DPSO) and Divisional Child Protection Officers ( DivCPOs) who are the officers of the Authority deployed in island wide. More over this unit coordinates with all divisions of NCPA as well as government ministries, Institutions and organizations within the country and outside the country.


 The Main Functions of the Planning and Monitoring Unit are as follows:

  1. Preparation and Monitoring of a five year action plan relevant to the National Policy on Child Protection.
  2. Preparation and monitoring of annual action plans of National Child Protection Authority. 
    • National Development Action Plan (NDAP)
    • 1929 Action Plan for a 24 Hour toll free Child Line
    • Social Protection Action Plan for Children
  3. Preparation of concept papers for development activities.
  4. Preparation and Monitoring of district action plans.
  5. Preparation of annual reports of National Child Protection Authority.
  6. Preparation of progress and performance report for the budget.
  7. Data collection, evaluation and analysis to prepare required reports.
  8. Preparation & submitting of Presidential Reports, Prime Minister's Office Reports, Ministry Reports and other reports relevant to annual development action Plans on monthly basis, quarterly basis, bi-annual, annual or when required.
  9. Conduct monthly district progress review meetings & quarterly progress review meetings for district officers.
  10. Preparation of reports related to the monitoring of the annual action plans of the District and Divisional Child Protection Officers.
  11. Carrying out activities related to the reports submitted by the District and Divisional Officers.
  12. Visits to the District Secretariat areas for monitoring duties.
  13. Answering audit queries.
  14. Attend Parliamentary Sect oral Committee Meetings or parliamentary any meetings.
  15. Preparation of duty record book.
  16. Preparation of Board Papers related to Planning & Monitoring Unit.
  17. Coordinating activities of Government, Ministries, Other Institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations in accordance with Section 14 of the Authority Act.
  18. Coordinating activities & facilitation required for stakeholder meetings.
  19. Maintaining & Management of Information System related to Planning Monitoring & Management (PMM).
  20. Coordinating with the Institutions under the Ministry of Finance mainly National Planning Department.
  21. Coordinating in case of emergencies.
  22. Conducting awareness, trainings or programs related to planning and monitoring.
  23. Training of office procedures and duties for trainees and university students assigned to the Planning and Monitoring Unit.  
  24. Carrying out duties related to the letters received to the unit daily.
  25. Attend invited meetings, workshops and NCPA representations within & outside the country as resource persons.

Our Team

Mrs. Shanika Malalgoda

Director (Planning & Information)
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Mr. Dimuthu Galappathi

Assistant Director – Planning & Monitoring
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Ms. Nilmini Wijerathne

Officer – Planning & Monitoring
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Contact Us

Mrs. Shanika Malalgoda

Head of Planning & Information Division

Director (Planning & Information)

BA (Special) in Sociology (UoP), MA in Sociology (UoP), M.Sc in Organizational Management (UoP), LL.B (OUSL), Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies (UoP), Member of Institute of Charted Professional Managers of Sri Lanka (CPM Sri Lanka)



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