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Recommend legal, administrative or other reforms required for the effective implementation of the national policy for the prevention of child abuse while monitoring the progress of all investigations and criminal proceedings relating to child abuse. Recommend measures to address the humanitarian concerns relating to children affected by armed conflict and the protection of such children, including measures for their mental and physical well-being and their re-integration into society.


Create an awareness, of the right of a child to be protected from abuse and the methods of preventing child abuse. Consult the relevant ministries, Provincial Councils, local authorities,District and Divisional Secretaries, public and private sector organizations and recommend all such measures as are necessary, for the purpose of preventing child abuse and for protecting and safeguarding the interests of the victims of such abuse.


Advise the Government in the formulation of a national policy, on the prevention of child abuse and the protection and treatment of children who are victims of such abuse.

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