Student Ambassador Magazine - 2023 | National Child Protection Authority
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Student Ambassador Magazine - 2023

Student Ambassador Magazine

National Child Protection Authority is Calling Articles, Poems & Short Stories for Student Ambassador Magazine.

This magazine is dedicated for disciplines related to child protection and will be published annually as a partial requirement of Student Ambassador National Programme conducting for  Senior School Prefects. 

Student Ambassador National Programme is an initiative of National Child Protection Authority in collaboration with Ministry of Education

Fields that you can select your topics are as follows 

  • Child rights /child protection
  • Children with special needs
  • Leadership , skills & personal development
  • Role of school prefects
  • Role of principals /teachers in child protection
  • Child psychology & world of children
  • Laws & acts related to children
  • Child development & it's importance
  • Responsibility of children for a better tomorrow 


Who can apply ?

School  Category - Prefects/ Student Ambassadors/ Teachers/Principals
Professionals of Child Sector - NCPA Officers/Probation Department Officers etc.
Professionals of Other Sectors- Journalists/Doctors/ Lawyers/Psychologists/ Sociologists/Judges etc.


The article should be up to 2-3  A4 size pages, Font-  Times New Roman(E)/ Iskolapotha (S)/ Bamini (T). Font size - Topics - 14 &  content 12. The Article/Poem/Short Story should be sent via email

If the applicant is a student, the article/poem/short story should be certified by the Principal or if you are an adult represent other groups mentioned above your article/poem/short story should be certified by the head of your institute/university.

for more information contact  - Mrs. Shanika Malalgoda (Director - Planning & Information) / Ms. Lakshika Menikbowa(Assistant Director- Media & Information) - 0112 77 89 11 (Ext.142/144)